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Kristel Zanol

Founder of  Magic Photos

  • What you see, is what you get 

  • Madly in love with IBIZA  

  • Forever in doubt about favorite animal. 

  • She asked God for a boy , but gave her a prince, called Raphaël.

  • Loves good & healthy food. 

  • Forever the rebel teenager

  • Loves with all her heart

  • Open & creative mind. 

  • Knows what she wants! 

  • Dreams to own a Volkswagen –Combi T1 to travel Morocco, Ibiza & Route 66 

  • Nickname UMA., what did you expect ?   

  • If you ask: What's the question again? She replies: Good Wine! 

  • Pure olive oil is a must! 


My Story

As a little blond angel, also known as "little blondie", I drew and modeled the craziest things.


In my teenage years I was fascinated by the many "Snoecks" yearbooks from the 80's & 90's, which were beautifully displayed in my parents' room. I could spend hours in this, looking at the beautiful images of top photographers from all over the world, Top models such as Linda Evangelista , Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford… That made my eyes shine.


I dreamed of “Catwalks” and fell in love with Thierry Mugler's Haute-Couture. A rather unusual fashion designer and photographer as well. I especially loved his compositions on tall buildings in perspectives and his unusual couture. My parents saw the artist in me and I was allowed to go to the art academy where I learned painting on canvas, screen printing and model drawing. I soon became a big fan of Pop art & Andy Warhol.


After my Visual Arts studies, I followed Grime at Make-up forever and was taught by the famous Juan-Carlos Salazar. This is how I made my portfolio with creative make-ups and shoots: This was my thing! I started collaborating with photographers and stylists. Creating, styling and helping the models with their poses together with them… In this way I traveled around the world and I was allowed to discover many cultures.


After my wild adventures, I became the mother of a beautiful son Raphael, named after the angel of Love. And then… Then I bought my first full-frame professional camera! I didn't stop shooting and every time with a lot of passion.


First I focused myself on newborns. I followed a few private workshops from well-known newborn photographers from England and Australia and I was off. However, I wanted to give my own style to the photos because I wanted to do something special with these little miracles.


I took my camera everywhere and captured my son. Especially in Ibiza, where the magic of the island led me to know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life: create magical images.

And the top of the bill, my friend and muze asked Devi-Shri to be her wedding photographer. In our early twenties we organized our own photo shoots in the craziest places, which was quite an experience in itself! She and her husband Dim make tailor-made clothing for the bride and groom and also develop a wedding planner concept


Brainstorming with her gave birth to the name of my brand new,


I focus on my passion and love for photography. I get satisfaction from people who are happy with the images I make for them. ​


This is the beginning of a beautiful story, in Belgium and far beyond.


I can't wait to welcome you! If it clicks, I look forward to becoming your magical photographer.

Shoot me & let's meet.