General Terms & Conditions

  • Photo & Video content created by Magic Photos can be published on the website & social media channels. If you do not agree, please inform us. 

  • Upon booking we ask to pay a nonrefundable advance of €100,- on our bank account BE62 0689 3586 9161 .We officially book the requested date upon receipt of the advance. If you need to cancel, the advance remains valid if you wish to rebook. 

  • In case of last minute cancellations (48h in advance of the foreseen date) we ask an additional fee of €50. For any cancellations under 24h before the agreed date we ask €100. This to cover the already made costs for location, preparations, etc. 

  • If the advance or any feedback requested from the client is not received, we keep the right the cancel the session.

  • Prices can change at any given moment. Only prices agreed upon the moment of booked remain unchanged for possible inflation. 

  • Your pictures are edited and made available in your online gallery on the website www.magicphotos.be upon receipt of the final payment. If we do not receive final payment within 30 days after the photoshoot, pictures will be archived and can be made available upon payment of a fee.​

  • All details concerning the packages are mentioned in our price list which you can find on the website www.magicphotos.be. The delivered material differs per package and is non-negotiable. 

  • We appreciate you do not edit the delivered pictures with additional filters.

  • The delivered pictures are selected by the photographer. They will be edited in the photographer's style. All pictures that do not make the selection will not be made available, no exceptions will be made. Any requests for black-white conversion can be made available upon request. ​

  • We are not responsible for any damage done in case of delivery of orders via postal service. For this we ask you to reach out to the service chosen.

  • Orders can only be made via e-mail or in our studio. Any order is binding and will be made available after receipt of payment. ​

  • The high-resolution files have a size of 60x90, which should provide sufficient options for private use. Higher resolution is available for canvas etc via Magic Photos.

  • For the package 'Magic Light Projections on Face & Body' and 'Magic Paint on Body' we request written approval during the photo shoot to use the results for Kirstel Zanol's exhibitions in art galleries. All details are well discussed & everything is done by mutual consent only.

How do we calculate our prices?

Magic Photos means pure Fine-Art photography of yourself and your family.  Kristel looks forward capturing the most magical moments of life for a lifelong memory. We would like to share some details on how we calculate our prices: 


  • Prices for our photoshoots, as mentioned in our pricelists, are based on number of working hours per session. From preparation over the shoot itself to the detailed retouches of the photos.

  • De timeframe for a pregnancy or sister session is 1,5-2 hours and for a newborn session 3-4 hours.
    After the visible hours during the shoot the work behind the scenes start. We select and retouch the selected photos. It is often a misconception that the end result is as it was shot during the session. Retouches is taking most of our time and is done with care and passion. 

  • Besides the work linked to the photoshoots we also made large investments such as the studio, equipment (professional camera, lenses, lichting,...), background, accessoires, specific clothing, props, licenses for eg. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, the online gallery, nonstop trainings,... And last but not least we also take into account or legal requirements sucht as VAT and insurance.


What is included in your Magic Session?  


  • The photoshoot; 

  • Craftsmanship and eye of the photographer; 

  • Selected &  edited photos in both high and low resolution are offered via or WE-Transfer or via your personal gallery.

  • All family sessions are VAT-included. 

  • Warm welcome in a domestic atmosphere with coffee or water and lemen (my personal healthy soda) 

  • Heated studio up to 26 degrees (special attention for the youngest guests) 

  • Unique, handmade painted canvases.  

  • Available accessories and clothing for your specific session (styling and make-up corner)

  • Patience and creativity. 

  • Professional and artistic Fine-Art editing of the pictures. 

  • The selected pictures that you receive are always edited. Raw data is not provided.


Other options such as large canvas, luxurious photo boxes or luxurious photo albums can we discussed in the studio.